Should I Bill Insurance For Laser Therapy

Add Cash Revenue to Your Practice With Laser Therapy

Every practice can use additional cash income. Practices that currently bill 50% or more to a third party should seriously consider incorporating a Cash Based Service into his/her practice. Cash programs, when properly set up and managed, can be profitable, by reducing practice overhead and increasing net income. Reimbursement is always 100% and no additional staffing required for collections.

Ideal Cash Based Service

Patients are willing to pay for results. In comparison to other treatment modalities, Laser Therapy offers:

Quick Treatment: Most treatments take 3 – 12 minutes.

Painless: There is no pain with a laser therapy treatment.

Positive Experience: Most patients experience a “soothing warmth sensation”. Plus, no messy gels are required and no complex wires or harness are used.

Affordable: Whether included as a bundled service or as a stand alone treatment, laser therapy is affordable

High Compliance: Patients are motivated to return for additional treatments when they experience pain relief and recovery

Future: Patients are more likely to return in the future, when they experience New or recurring injuries or pain

Referrals: Happy patients like to refer their family and friends

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