Fiber Tip Cleaning Unit​

Optical Fiber Cleaner

Our optical fiber cleaner effectively and quickly cleans all optical fibers. Lightweight and safe to use, it delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance.


  • Size: W 120 × H 80 × D 37
  • Cleaning Usage: 400 times
  • Connector: SMA905
  • Anti-static resin cleaning technology
  • Simple push button shutter


  • Simple push button shutter

Laser Foot Control Switch

Medical grade foot activated switch for safely operating medical lasers Medical electrical equipment in line with the common technical requirements of IEC60601-1 standard. Anti-oil, water-proof, dust-proof rating of IP68, in line with the standards IEC/EN60529.


  • Maximum protection against unintentional actuation at minimum dimensions
  • High mechanical stability
  • Non-contact switching systems
  • Reed contacts for low currents
  • Digital or analogue output signals
  • Class AP • Plug-in connector
  • Pressure point • Special labels
  • Different RAL colours

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