Laser Safety Interlock


A Medical Laser “Interlock” refers to a hardware device which, when activated, will immediately reduce the laser emission below MPE levels. This device may be a mechanical or electrically activated shutter, or it may be an electrical trip of the laser system power source. The interlock is often broadly defined as a room interlock system, whereby access controls, door or floor sensors, or motion detectors are interconnected to cause a rapid reduction in laser emission below the MPE when activated.


  • Mechanism: push-pull connection
  • Insulation Resistance: >5000MΩ
  • Environmental Temperature Range: -50°C~+125°C
  • Usage: 5000 times for connection and separation


  • 38mm length x 9mm diameter
  • 4 pins connector


  • 38mm length x 15mm diameter
  • 6 pins connector

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