Laser Therapy Handpieces and Cables

Ergonomic Therapy Handpiece (30mm)

Each Handpiece for laser therapy has been specifically designed to maximize therapeutic treatments and outcomes.


  • 130mm diameter treatment spot size.
  • Finger Switch for On/Off
  • Lightweight, durable plastic composition
  • T-shape design provides ergonomic use
  • Special lens for direct on-skin treatment
  • Optional spacer for off-skin treatment
Ergonomic Therapy Hand piece Class IV Lasers

Standard Therapy Handpiece (30mm)


  • 30mm diameter treatment spot size
  • Finger Switch for On/Off
  • Aluminum/ Silver metal compensation
  • Optional spacer for off-skin treatment

Focus Therapy Handpiece (7mm)

This therapy handpiece is ideal for “Fungal Nail” non – invasive treatments. It is a turnkey unit with a 7mm focus handpiece and a protective sheathed fiber optic cable. It comes with a standard SMA905 connector for easy insertion into any Aspen Laser System model. Requires use of a Foot Control Switch.

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