Aspen Laser Patient Marketing Programs

Stand out from the crowd. We provide the tools and experience in helping you differentiate your practice by marketing Aspen Laser Therapy to your patients and community. Practice differentiation is important today where consumers have more healthcare choices than ever before. Successful practices stand out from the crowd through providing new and innovative services like Aspen Laser Therapy that the competition does not have.

Customized Marketing

Marketing Programs

Customization is the “One Degree” that can make a significant difference in marketing your laser therapy services and generating results. Now more than ever you need to be smart about your marketing as you evaluate the best strategy from a wide range of marketing choices that are expensive. 

Aspen Laser Systems uniquely customizes individual marketing items that will stand out and help your practice get the highest return on your laser equipment investment (ROI). Each item can feature your practice name and contact information. Additional features such as practice logos, colors and even photos can be added. An Initial package of items are included with each Aspen Laser System purchase; with re-orders are available at cost effective prices.

Examples of customized marketing items

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