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Aspen Laser’s high intensity Class IV laser technology is 1,200 times more powerful than traditional class III “cold laser” therapy treatments. Higher power, in combination with proper wavelength, beam size, and treatment technique, enables medical professionals to safely and effectively deliver significantly higher dosage levels and enhanced abilities that penetrate deeper into cellular tissue for better, longer-lasting results you have to feel to believe.

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Whether you’re recovering from an injury or struggle with a chronic condition, you know that pain and inflammation can hold you back from doing the activities you love. With Aspen Laser’s revolutionary high-intensity laser therapy, you have the power to stop the pain.

Aspen Laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for pain relief that utilizes the most advanced medical technology available today. Aspen Laser devices deliver light energy right to the body’s cells, aggressively treating pain and inflammation at the source. The Aspen Laser relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and accelerates tissue repair cell growth, so you can get back on track to doing what you love.

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Discover how the Aspen Laser System is helping providers across the world deliver longer-lasting pain relief and recovery.

Laser Safety Training Program Now Available

We have partnered with Laser Safety Certification, Inc, a nationally recognized laser safety consulting company, to develop a new and exclusive "3 in 1" Laser Safety Training and Certification Program.