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Online Courses

Chiropractor Course: Laser Photobiomodulation for the Evidenced-Based Clinician


Instructor: Michael Mathesie DC, DACRB, DABFP

Hours: 4.25 hours

Fee: $99 per person

CEU: The New York Chiropractic College will be providing 4 hours CE credits

Overview: This 4 hour program with optional examination certificate will expand the physician’s knowledge of LASER Therapy. Laser Therapy is utilized as a therapeutic instrument that can be highly effective if administered properly with correct parameters for the condition being treated. Many clinicians do not achieve the results expected because the wavelength or dosage provided is not adequate for the lesion or condition. This course will assist the clinician and the examiner/reviewer to understand the science behind this modality. The current guidelines and scientific evidence will be discussed to determine reasonable utilization parameters. The course will provide the attendee information to be more adept in presenting an opinion concerning the clinical appropriateness of LASER as documented in the medical record.

Athletic Training Course: Laser Certification Course


Instructor: Pat Karns, Athletic Trainer

Hours: 4.25 hours

Fee: $29 per person

CEU: The BOC (Board of Commissioners) will be providing 4 hours CE credits 

Overview: This course is designed for the Athletic Trainer who is new to laser therapy, as well as those who have a therapy laser and want to generate better outcomes with this drug free modality that treats the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. The instructor is a highly experienced Athletic Trainer who is also a veteran in the world of laser therapy, now called photobiomodulation. He will present current information on the emerging science, the evolution from LEDs to Class I – IV Therapy Lasers, and the expanding range of clinical applications. Going beyond the exciting benefits of pain relief and tissue repair, the course will share key techniques and tips that were used to successfully treat high profile athletes to win championships.

Laser Safety Training Program Now Available

We have partnered with Laser Safety Certification, Inc, a nationally recognized laser safety consulting company, to develop a new and exclusive "3 in 1" Laser Safety Training and Certification Program.