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Apex Laser Series

The world’s first and only laser device of its kind, the Apex Tri-Wave Laser Series is changing the way health care professionals are treating pain and injuries. Uniquely featuring three wavelengths of 810nm, 980nm and 1064nm, the Apex Tri-Wave incorporates 15 watts of high power with each wavelength for a combined total output of 45 watts.


Apex Laser Systems

3 Wavelengths / 45-watts Combined Power


Innovations That Matter

Laser System Features and Highlights

The Apex Laser Series redefines photobiomodulation (laser therapy) with new technological innovations and advancements. As a result of years of scientific research by Aspen Laser, the Apex Laser Series provides unparalleled levels of quality and performance. 

The Apex Laser Series features custom mobility and built-in safety features. Healthcare professionals can see enhanced and consistent clinical results not seen in other laser systems.


New Tri-Wave Technology

810nm Wavelength

The 810nm wavelength allows rapid activation of the haemoglobin oxygenation process: transferring the correct energetic supply to muscles and tendons, facilitating regeneration. Clinical studies indicate that 810nm largely affects mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase by increasing cytosolic calcium while decreasing mitochondrial calcium.

980nm Wavelength

The 980nm wavelength optimizes the action on thermal and mechanical receptors for a rapid analgesic effect, resulting in improved pain control, circulation, and muscle relaxation. Clinical studies indicate that 980nm primarily affects temperature-gated calcium ion channels.

NEW2 1064nm Wavelength

The 1064nm wavelength is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into tissue. Clinical studies indicate that it has the least dispersion within biological tissues due to its decreased melanin absorption. The result is deep activation of metabolic processes vital for all cellular activities.


PowerDose Diodes

The engine of the Apex Laser are PowerDose Diodes that provide the highest Average Power output. In contrast to laser devices that provide Peak Power, Average Power has proven to be a key for generating the best clinical outcomes.

  • Unprecedented power per wavelength
  • Durable design for long life operations
  • German manufactured for internationally recognized quality

Wavelength MultiPlexer Technology

Wavelength Multiplexer Technology incorporates multiple wavelengths operating in various configurations that are emitted from a single output. This provides better penetration, from shallow to deep, with optimal tissue saturation required for therapeutic treatments.

  • Broadest range of wavelengths providing optimal treatment outcomes
  • Directly select one to three wavelengths
  • Adjustable power levels per wavelength

SmartMode Controls

Featuring complex and sophisticated laser operating modes, SmartMode Controls offer Continuous Wave (CW) emissions with pulsing emissions to provide unlimited opportunities for precise and desired clinical treatments that can be adjusted with each patient.

  • Fast treatments with continuous wave
  • Broad range Hertz (frequency settings) for pulsing treatments
  • Patient response driven protocols

Patient Response Driven (PRD) Protocols

Consistent and replicable treatment results are now possible with Patient Response Driven Protocols. In contrast to Preset Protocols, PRD Protocols are based on a wide range of patient characteristics and responses to each treatment. This allows the Apex Laser Series to provide the broadest range of features that are paramount to stimulate deep musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic, and neurological structures.

  • Ability to directly select and adjust operating laser parameters
  • Avoid under-dosing (low joules) and under-treatment (small area or incorrect wavelength)
  • Reduce conditioning response by variations and adjustments with each treatment
High Quality Laser Diode Technology
Laser diodes are the heart of the laser unit and have been selected for high levels of quality, efficiency and reliability. Featuring solid state technology, they are manufactured in Germany by Dilas, Inc. a recognized worldwide leader for producing the highest performing diodes. This ensures superior operating life resulting in long term savings in operating costs. The Self-Calibration feature requires no routine maintenance providing additional savings and value.
Maximum Range of Power Levels
Multiple power (watts) levels are available in different power configuration models from 1-45 watts. These power (watts) levels can provide significantly more energy than other therapeutic lasers. The higher power (watts) level laser models provide faster treatment times and delivery of optimal therapeutic dosages, an enhanced ability to treat difficult conditions, and enhanced clinical outcomes.
Optimal Therapeutic Wavelengths
Each diode is wavelength specific and provides a single wavelength of 810nm, 980nm, or 1064mn. The wavelength of 980nm is proven to be very effective due to its low melanin, low water, low hemoglobin absorption rates, with the result of an optimal wavelength for stimulating tissue at greater depths of penetration.
Large Color Touch Screen
The cornerstone of all laser therapy operations is a touchscreen featuring a state of the art, full color high resolution LCD panel. The extra-large viewing area provides a smooth, quick and effortless touch experience, while guaranteeing reliability, readability and safety. The screen brightness can be customized and adjusted for each operating environment.
Fast Interactive User Interface and Menu
Featuring a robust software and intuitive interactive menu, operating the laser is faster with a simple user interface that provides minimal selections for starting or changing a treatment. Treatments can be administered and managed with three options: Manual Protocols using the power level, operating mode and timer selections; Preset Protocols that utilize a built-in database of protocols that are organized by anatomy and condition; and Custom Protocols that allows the user to create their own unique protocols.
Choice of Operating Modes
Two operating modes are built into the laser providing a choice between Continuous Wave (CW) or Pulsed Modes (Frequencies). Selection of the operating mode and specific power level (watts) can be made and adjusted through the color touchscreen or though external knobs on the laser unit. The Pulsed Mode can be operated using one of two options: Auto Select Hz Setting and T-ON and T-OFF Settings. These operating modes provide unlimited treatment options for maximizing clinical outcomes.
Heavy Duty Laser Unit Design
The laser unit has been designed to be a work horse for the busy healthcare practice. A key component of the therapy laser’s design is a heavy duty internal cooling system with extra powerful fans that protect the laser from overheating. This is important when using the laser at high dosage levels that require a Continuous Wave (CW) operating mode throughout the day, which would cause other therapy lasers to overheat using the same power and dosage levels.
Ergonomic Dual Treatment Handpiece
Laser therapy treatments are administered through a lightweight, ergonomically designed handpiece with a unique T-shape configuration. Multiple treatments can be administered throughout the day with minimal stress on the practitioner. The handpiece offers dual treatment options for On Skin Treatments with a special curved lens and Off Skin Treatments with a metal spacer attachment. A Built-In Finger Switch integrated into the handpiece allows the laser treatment beam to be turned off or on with a single tap. An optional traditional straight therapy handpiece is also available for use with the laser.
Maximum Laser Treatment Beam Size
The treatment beam emitted from the therapy handpiece features a large 30mm diameter size that ensures Even Energy Delivery Technology with an enhanced ability for treatment of large areas of the body.
Reliable Fiber Optic Laser Beam
The fiber optic cable has been developed for maximum flexibility during use, while maintaining overall durability to ensure reliable and consistent laser energy transmission.
Maximum Energy Laser Treatment
The Aspen Laser can deliver more energy than other therapy lasers. More power equates to deeper penetration, faster treatment times and delivery of the proper therapeutic dosage, an enhanced ability to treat difficult conditions, and ultimately better clinical outcomes.

More Power – More Wavelengths – More Modes – More Protocols – More Results



Description Desktop – Apex Laser Series


Apex Series 45 watt / 60 watt


AL-T45x / AL-T60x

Laser Type

GaAlAs Diode Laser


inches: 16W x 19.5L x 8H


32 LBS (14.5 KG)

Wavelength, Laser

810nm + 980nm + 1064nm

Maximum Power

45 watts / 60 watts

Operation Modes

Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulse

Pulse Duration


Repetition Rate


Fiber Sizes

550 uM

Fiber Connector

SMA905 Connector

Pilot Beam

Red Diode Laser Of 635nm, Power<5mW

Control Mode

Color Touch Screen

Voltage/Current Rating

110/220 VAC, 5A , 50/60 Hz

Safety Compliance



Your Apex Laser System Includes:

  Laser Control Unit
 Ergonomic Therapy Handpiece
Laser Case
Fiber Optic Cable-550uM
Safety Goggles
Pedestal Mobile Cart

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