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Giving Back

An Aspen Laser Philantropic Program

GIVING BACK is a philanthropic program launched by Aspen Laser in May 2021. The Company has supported a number of various non–profit organizations in the past, but recently decided to increase its commitment and support to each of these groups.

According to Charles Vorwaller, President, “We want to expand our company mission that would leverage the Company’s life-changing technologies with philanthropic causes that make a difference. Our Company has been blessed in many ways over the years, and we want to do more by “giving back” to others through our support of groups that have unique causes and missions. We encourage our employees, customers, and the community to learn more about each of these groups and find ways to support them”.


Aspen Laser is Doing More with its 501(c) (3) Partners:

  • Indigenous Health and Wellness Connections (IHAWC)

  • The Grey Team

  • Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)

  • The Space Foundation

  • National Foundation for Integrative Medicine (NFIM)


Indigenous Health and Wellness Connections (IHAWC)


Our Mission

IHAWC’s mission is to improve the lives of Indigenous people (Native Americans) by providing service, strengthening community, and promoting health and wellness.


How We Help Native Americans

IHAWC aims to provide a channel through which medical devices and health and wellness systems might be made more available to Indigenous communities, clinics, and persons in order to augment the quality of life of Indigenous people. To provide service for a public interest in which health and healthcare may be improved, communities may be strengthened, and overall wellness is cared for.


Chase Hobson, Executive Director

Phone: +1 (801) 682-9668

Aspen Laser Support:

Aspen Laser is currently donating Medical Lasers and Medical Supplies to IHAWC for use on Native American Reservation Health Clinics.

How You Can Help:

Donate your used Medical Equipment and Supplies, in addition to cash donations that will go directly to Native American Reservation Health Clinics.

Grey Team


Our Mission

Implementing solutions for U.S. military active-duty and veterans to reduce and eliminate PTSD related suicides.


How We Help Veterans

Grey Team’s comprehensive health and wellness programs directly heal all the invisible wounds of war including, but not limited to traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, self-medication, and isolation. To accomplish this goal, Grey Team has built a world-class headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida complete with one-on-one personal training, infrared detoxification, low-level laser therapy, acupuncture for pain relief, 3D body scanning, community safe-spaces, and much more.


Cary Reichbach, Co-Founder

Phone: +1 (561) 203-3815

Aspen Laser Support:

Aspen Laser and TheraLight has made a donation to the Grey Team Headquarters in Florida.

How You Can Help:

Tax deductible donations can be made here.


Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)


Our Mission

The mission of F4CP is to inform and educate the general public about the value of chiropractic care delivered by Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) and its role in drug-free pain management.


How We Help The Chiropractic Profession

Founded in 2003, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is a nonprofit organization with nearly 29,000 members. The comprehensive media campaigns of the F4CP generate billions of positive media impressions for the chiropractic profession. Coverage spans local and regional weekly newspapers to metropolitan dailies and includes countless social media sites and health-related blogs.


Sherry McAllister M.S (Ed)., D.C., CCSP, President

Phone: +1 (866) 901-F4CP

Aspen Laser Support:

Aspen Laser has made a donation to Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

How You Can Help:

Sign up under different membership categories.

Space Foundation


Our Mission

To be the preeminent advocate and gateway for lifelong education, trusted information, and seamless collaboration for all people and organizations engaging in space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.


How We Help The World

The Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that drive the global space ecosystem. Driven by a partnership model, Space Foundation operates three divisions that unite the entire spectrum of stakeholders — business, government, education and local communities — through corporate membership, sponsorship, fundraising and grants.


Gina Taranto, Director – Philanthropy, Space Foundation

Phone: +1 (719) 576-8000

Aspen Laser Support:

Aspen Laser has made a donation to the Space Foundation.

How You Can Help:

Tax deductible donations can be made here.


National Foundation for Integrative Medicine (NFIM)


Our Mission

NFIM searches globally for new, safer, and better solutions for you and your family. Our goal is to shorten the technology transition cycle, bringing tomorrow’s innovation to today’s healthcare.


How We Help Doctors and Patients

The National Foundation for Integrative Medicine is changing healthcare with continual research and development of 21st Century solutions, with an initial focus on:
  • Opioid Crisis, and providing Innovative solutions in combating the epidemic
  • Veteran Quick Reaction Force, with specific experience and focus to meet the needs of Veterans
  • Energy Medicine, and providing the next era of medicine that includes photobiomodulation (light therapy).


Peter Demitry, MD, MPH, Executive Director

Phone: +1 (703) 678-9888

Aspen Laser Support:

Aspen Laser has made a donation to the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine.

How You Can Help:

Tax deductible donations can be made here.


Learn more about our commitment to innovation

We’re passionate about the development and advancement of photobiomodulation technology so everyone can experience the benefits of this leading edge treatment.

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We have partnered with Laser Safety Certification, Inc, a nationally recognized laser safety consulting company, to develop a new and
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