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The most reputable brand with great customer service
My name is Dr. Ashley Bertorelli and I am a Physical Therapist of 12 years and Outpatient private practice clinic owner of 2.5 years. As a PT and Clinic owner, I am always on the lookout for the next best way to help my patients manage and heal from their pain and injuries. Digging into the research last year, I came upon the Class 4 laser. As I looked further into the research, I found the Aspen laser to be the most reputable brand with great customer service and clinical results. Since incorporating the Laser into the practice 3 months ago, we have seen great results for a variety of conditions, including acute strains, arthritis, post-surgery, disc bulges and herniations, neuropathy, and more. Patients are so grateful to have such a powerful tool to aid them in their healing and I feel that our clinic is more respected for investing in this technology to help our patients. And after the first three months, we have projected making back our investment within the first 6-7 months of owning the laser, so we just mailed out a check a few weeks ago to pay the whole thing off! Thank you to Aspen Lasers for a great product and to Valerie from Aspen who has been a great resource and very responsive to all of my questions before, during, and after acquiring the laser for our clinic!

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What is Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is when laser light is tuned to specific wavelengths and frequencies and applied to an organism in order to stimulate metabolic processes at the cellular level. Laser light holds its intensity until it is absorbed by a medium; in the case of laser therapy, the medium is the body. The photon energy of laser light can effectively penetrate the skin and underlying structures, which accelerates the body’s natural healing process. Laser therapy utilizes the wavelengths and frequencies of visible red and near infrared (NIR) light to treat a variety of conditions at their source within the body through safe, non-invasive, and painless procedures.

Patient Spotlight

“I am an active senior and suffered a sports related injury several years ago. After initial recovery I was left with very severe tendonitis in my lower leg. I tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I was able to immediately continue my activities.”

– Gary D, New Jersey

What Aspen Professionals and Patients are Saying

Apex Laser
"Once we made the important decision to change the direction of our clinic to laser and light therapy, we purchased the TheraLight 360 and Aspen Laser. In less than two weeks we took delivery of both products. We had the pleasure of meeting with two highly professional gentlemen who set up, installed and trained us in the use of our therapies. We have never been treated with such respect and professionalism. Since our purchase, the communication with the Aspen Laser team has been unbelievable. No matter the amount of questions we had, they have been available to us within minutes."
Chiropractic Specialist having more than 31 years in successful patient outcomes using diverse experiences and modalities.
Mt Vernon, WA
Instant Relief and No Discomfort
“I tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I am an active senior and suffered a sports related injury several years ago. After initial recovery I was left with very severe tendonitis in my lower leg. I received little relief from traditional ice and massage therapies. I underwent non-traditional injection therapy which, after initial discomfort, provided significant relief. As I continued my sports activities, the tendonitis returned several months later, but repeating the injection therapy provided little relief.

I then tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I was able to immediately continue my activities. Some months later the tendonitis returned and I repeated the laser treatment, with almost 100% immediate relief."
Voorhees, NJ
Miraculous Results
“The results – I would not have believed it, if I had not personally experienced it.

I began using the Aspen Pinnacle 30-Watt Therapy Laser on a regular basis to treat many of my conditions. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. I would not have believed it, if I had not personally experienced it. I have been able to reduce my daily medications and injections. I am also now getting very significant antidepressant effects from your 30 watt laser. So significant that I was able exercise hard for 1.5 hours today, enjoying myself! I haven’t been able to do that in years! My life is changing for the better and none of this would have been possible without your deep kindness. You have truly given me another chance at life, and i am more grateful than i could ever express. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do that would be helpful for you. It is so rare to encounter people as caring as you on this part of the planet that I inhabit."
Seattle, WA
Pinnacle Laser
"I am an advocate of non-narcotic pain management. Laser Therapy provided from the Aspen Laser System has changed my practice outcomes tremendously and in a positive way. I have never been more enthusiastic and dedicated than I am about this technology and its revolutionary non-invasive drug free approach to pain management."
Board Certified In Emergency Medicine Diplomat American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine
Complete Care Center
Grand Blanc, MI
Summit Laser
"For many years I have supported the evolution of therapy lasers from Class III to Class IV, on both a practice level and also on a national educational and research level. The Aspen Laser is my “go to” therapeutic modality and I have found it to be highly effective, safe and easy to use. Because of their great features and affordable prices, I recommend the Aspen Laser System for any healthcare practice."
Board Certified American Board of Chiropractic Neurology Fellow International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology
Stuart, FL
Pinnacle Laser
"Thank you for the great service that your company has provided. To say that the laser is a success in our therapy practice is a definite understatement. Patients love it and the limited follow ups that I have seen are a testament to its success. We may have a waiting list to go to therapy for the first time in a long time. Again, thanks."
Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Specialist
Wissahickon Orthopedic Specialists Flourtown, PA
Pinnacle Laser
"The Aspen Laser System increases speed of outcomes, which is crucial for many of our patients who are professional athletes. We use it every day with every patient and see great results. It is a key part of our overall expansion building multiple integrated clinics with better patient outcomes and our ongoing research in axonal sprouting and nerve cell regeneration."
Dr. Matt Burnett, D.C., CCSMS, FST
(C.C.S.M.S) Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist (C.S.I.S) Certified Sports Injury Specialist
Legacy Medical Centers, Canonsburg, PA
Pinnacle Laser
"We are already getting great results with our Aspen Laser System, especially with our patients that have radiation restrictions from cancer treatments and the entire staff is enjoying the results so far. We have found an unexpected hypersensitivity over tattoos. Other than that it is getting popular quickly."
Haan Physical Therapy
Fairfield, CA

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