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3 Marketing Tips to Help Boost Your Practice

Marketing Tip #1: Website

Did you know that 72% of U.S. adults have searched for health information online? The best way to attract new patients is to have an easy to navigate website. Doing so will help better market yourself and your practice to grow your business. A few tips for you to consider if you are looking to add a new website, or improve one you already have, include:

  • Determine and focus on your purpose of having a website, along with the target audience.
  • Be sure to always keep the visitor in mind. They will be the one utilizing the website. For this reason, try and keep a clear and easy way to navigate throughout the website.
  • Use conversational English, while also providing relevant information. Many people are searching for answers, and that is why they are at your website. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much information.
  • It is best to be honest and transparent in everything you decide to put on the website. Visitors are looking to make an educated decision based on facts provided.
  • Today, most people use their mobile phones for a variety of reasons. Because of that, it is important that your website be mobile friendly, so that you can fully take advantage of having an online website.

Marketing Tip #2: Open House

Did you know one of the best ways gain new patients, connect with existing patients, and you’re your influence in the community is by hosting an open house at your practice? There are a wide range of ideas that can achieve this. From targeted educational classes to open houses highlighting new services or a new practice location, an open house is a great way to expand your network and rapidly bring new business to your practice.

Below are a few tips to ensure that you have a successful open house:

  • Choosing a specific theme or topic for the Open House can drastically increase the attendance, as it can pertain to a large percentage of your patient population.
  • You should allow plenty of time to plan and promote the Open House. We recommend 3-5 months time.
  • Marketing your event is key. Posting flyers throughout your office, using patient email lists, promoting the event on all social media platforms, and posting on your website to attract potential future customers are just a few ideas.
  • Partner with local businesses to help spread the word. This will help build relationships and attract guests outside your patient population. Co-hosting with another business that has similar goals is also a great idea.
  • Be sure that each open house attendee has something they can take with them once they leave. Pamphlets, business cards, or swag items can help the attendee remember the event and its purpose.

Marketing Tip #3: In Office Pamphlets and Weekly Themes

Even though business is becoming more and more technology driven, there still is a need for the use of pamphlets. Pamphlets refer to a small document describing and promoting various products or services. They encourage people to want to obtain the items being described within it. There are a lot of great ways to share information to your patients and pamphlets continue to be one of them. While people may see them as “old school marketing”, they are vitally important to your practice success. Here are just a few of the benefits received from utilizing pamphlets in your practice:

  • Pamphlets are very easy to distribute and can be placed throughout your practice. Because of this, you can easily share positive and accurate information to your patients.
  • It is becoming more and more costly to market your practice today. Pamphlets are an easy and cost effective way to market your practice. You will be able to share what you want, along with some of your practice goals, to better educate your patients.
  • Pamphlets are a good way to share lots of important information in a small area. Pamphlets allow more information as to other options like post cards or letters.
  • Pamphlets help personalize your practice while also establishing your business’s authority. Having pamphlets available to handout is a good way to communicate one on one with your patients. Each patient will see the need of the service and treatments you provide.

JUSTIN VORWALLER, MBA is currently Chief Operations Officer at Aspen Laser Systems. Prior to this position, Justin has helped several start up companies grow through his expert marketing and operational methods. He can be contacted at 303-990-3113, or at

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