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The Importance of Customizable Laser Therapy Treatments

Laser therapy, also called Photobiomodulation, offers some of the most innovative treatment options for a number of conditions. The better the laser system, the more effective the treatment and the more positive the patient outcome. 

Aspen Laser provides innovative laser therapy systems, including our newest, the Apex Laser Series, which offers providers the widest range of treatment customizations.

Why Does Having a Customizable Laser System Matter?

Laser therapy provides medical professionals with a tool able to offer precise, targeted treatments. You may think this all lies in the handheld laser piece that’s applied at very precise points on the body, but the flexibility of the laser’s power output and use of different red and near-infrared wavelengths of lights give providers the ability to uniquely address the concerns of each patient.

Laser therapy systems, such as those from Aspen Laser, that have adjustable power outputs and multiple wavelengths, allow providers to easily set the treatment protocol for each patient. This ensures the proper saturation of light to the correct point in the body, regardless of skin color or whether the concern is at the surface or deep within the body.

The Right Wavelength Every Time

Additionally, the different wavelengths of light have their own individual benefits. Aspen Laser’s therapy systems utilize one or more of these wavelengths of light:

  • 810nm wavelength: The 810nm wavelength offers rapid activation of the hemoglobin oxygenation process. In other words, it rapidly brings oxygen to red blood cells to help muscles and tendons regenerate. Clinical studies show that 810mn increases cytosolic calcium and decreases mitochondrial calcium.
  • 980nm wavelength: The 980nm wavelength works to optimize the analgesic effect for better pain management. It does this by affecting the temperature-gated calcium ion channels. The result is less pain, better circulation, and enhanced muscle relaxation.
  • 1064nm wavelength: The 1064nm wavelength provides more penetration into deep tissue. The studies show that at 1064nm, there is less dispersion in the biological tissue because there is a decreased amount of melanin absorption. That deep penetration means activation of the metabolic process in deeper tissue.

The ability to operate a laser with multiple wavelengths, either separately or in combination, allows providers to completely customize the treatment to each patient. When treatments are customizable, they yield better results for the patient, and better ROI for the provider.

Maximum Power Options

Power output is important, too. The power needed to deliver the correct dose of light at the surface to repair scar tissue is different than the power needed to treat inflammation deeper in the body. Aspen Laser’s therapy systems also have adjustable power outputs to maximize the number of unique treatments, and therefore the number of patients, you can help with one laser therapy device.

Introducing: The Apex Laser Series from Aspen Laser

The Apex Laser Series was in development for two years with the Aspen Laser team before we launched it earlier in 2020. This laser series is the first of its kind, featuring:

  • TriWave: 810nm, 980nm, 1064nm
  • PowerDose Diodes
  • Wavelength Technology
  • SmartMode Controls

Part of our mission is to improve the life of every person who receives treatment from our therapy systems, and it was important for us to build on this mission with the Apex Laser Series. We wanted to give providers the ability to effectively treat as many patients as possible with an advanced, completely customizable laser therapy system. The Apex Laser Series will revolutionize how medical professionals manage pain and treat injuries.

TriWave Technology

What stands out about this system is its TriWave technology. The Apex Laser System offers three separate light wavelengths to work with: 810nm, 980nm, and 1064nm, which can be used independently or in any combination to provide the most targeted treatments.

PowerDose Diodes

This new model offers a high average power that is exclusive to these laser products. The difference is other lasers provide peak power, not average. Peak power is the maximum optical power of a laser pulse. Average power is one-millionth of peak power. Having average power is the key to generating the best result for the patient.

PowerDose diodes are the engine behind the Apex Laser System. It provides unprecedented power per wavelength and durable design. When combined with the Wavelength Technology, it offers a broad range of therapeutic wavelengths.

Wavelength Technology

The Wavelength Technology allows for multiple wavelengths with various configurations; all emitted from one single output. It provides the broadest range of wavelengths and a chance to select one of three directly. There is also an adjustable power level option at each wavelength.

SmartMode Controls

SmartMode Controls on the Apex Laser Series means more complex operating options that offer continuous-wave emissions with pulsing emission. The goal is to give the practitioner unlimited options to provide the patient with precise clinical laser treatments.

The SmartMode Controls include:

  • Continuous-wave for faster treatment
  • Broad range Hertz to provide pulsing treatments
  • Protocols that are driven by the patient response for better comfort and service

With patient response-driven (PRD) protocols, healthcare professionals can offer consistent and replicable results from treatments. That is different from what you see with preset protocols. Preset options take a wide range of characteristics and responses to treatment to create a set level that might not be right for each patient.

With these advanced features, the Apex Laser Series offers:

  • The ability to select and make adjustments to the laser parameters for that customizable approach
  • A way to avoid under-dosing patients or undertreating
  • A chance to make adjustments in the conditions per treatment

Changing the Way We Treat Pain

Aspen Laser is an emerging leader in photomedicine technology, and products like the Apex Laser System and Aspen’s TriWave technology is part of the reason why. The use of this non-invasive and painless method allows healthcare professionals to offer patients one of the most innovative approaches for the treatment of pain and inflammatory conditions. The technology works on both humans and animals, too, giving veterinarians an easy and less anxiety-inducing way to treat pain and cure wounds in animals. Aspen Laser partners with professionals all over the country to offer not just state-of-the-art laser equipment but advanced training and support as well.

Learn & discover the power of laser therapy with in-person seminars hosted by Aspen Laser.

At Aspen Laser, we are committed to offering the best healthcare interventions for the nonpharmacological management of pain. Offering products that provide customizable laser therapy treatments is one way we fulfill that promise. Contact us today to find out more about the Aspen Laser System and our TriWave technology.

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