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3 Tips for Differentiating Your Clinic & Connecting with More Patients

Healthcare providers often rely on their authority as educated and well-trained practitioners to connect with patients. However, with providers all relying on the same persona, it’s difficult to stand out. People expect their healthcare providers to be knowledgeable, so finding another way to stand out is the key to cutting through the noise of other providers.

Keep reading to learn how to differentiate your clinic from others, connect with more patients, and build stronger relationships with the patients you already have.

Be Active in the Local Community

The majority of your patients will come from your local community, so it’s important they know you’re there. Join your local chamber of commerce, if you haven’t already, to get to know the other businesses in your area and forge connections that can lead to new business within the community.

Being active in the community by participating in the chamber of commerce and events they hold can help bring new business to you and foster relationships with people in your community. When your patients have an opportunity to see you outside the practice environment, it can help your patients see you and your staff as people and community members.

Maintain Your Online Social Platforms

Social media is a great place to showcase your practice’s personality. While there is some caution to be had with social posting for medical service providers, you should remain active on social media platforms. Not only do social media platforms put you in front of a large audience—basic business pages are completely free to set up and use.

Not sure what to post? Share articles about health tips for your practice’s specialty, write and share your practice’s own articles and blogs, or celebrate employee milestones and new certifications or things like fun “national days.”

Social media is a more casual platform, so it’s a great place to round out the personality of your practice. Make sure any health advice and information comes from a reputable source, and always have permission from your staff to post photos of them online. Never post or share any patient information.

Expand Your Practice’s Services

You can also differentiate your practice by adding new services. These services should still relate to your core business and be helpful for your current clients as well as expanding offerings to appeal to new clients. Adding new services often requires new equipment and training for your team, which can be costly; however, new services can quickly pay for themselves in the increased client base and lifetime value of clients.

One service you can add to your practice that’s highly versatile is laser therapy. Laser therapy is a non-pharmacological treatment for pain and inflammation and can be used for both acute and chronic conditions. The right laser device has the power and versatility to be applied on every part of the body, from the delicate joints to deeper muscle and even bone. Laser therapy dosage varies from person to person along with the condition being addressed, so one device needs the ability to adjust between wavelengths of light and power levels to offer the widest variety of treatments.

Paying for New Equipment

Laser therapy gives practices an opportunity to expand with a cash-based service. Laser therapy is not widely covered by most insurance plans, and offering the service in cash-based packages gives practices immediate income rather than waiting weeks to be reimbursed by insurance.

The cost of new practice equipment can also be claimed on your taxes and not included in your business’s income. Learn more in our blog post here.

Marketing New Services

Laser therapy is a dose-dependant treatment, and most conditions take six to twelve sessions to resolve. Offering laser therapy packages for a certain number of treatments at a discounted rate can make the service more affordable and help patients commit to a treatment plan.

While lasting results need multiple treatments, often the effects of laser therapy can be felt and seen within the first day. You could run a promotion for a free laser therapy treatment for patients to try it out when you first start out with laser therapy, and when they see the benefits, they can purchase a package for more.

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Aspen Laser’s Class IV Therapy Systems

The right laser will give your practice the ability to serve as many patients as possible, which means the power level and the wavelengths both need to be adjustable. Aspen Laser’s therapy systems have adjustable power levels and dual wavelength models, which gives you the ability to use two wavelengths independently or together for the most dosage variants. Our high-powered lasers are safe and effective for treating conditions at the surface and deep in the body.

Differentiating your practice will help you stand out from other practices, and offering new services to differentiate yourself can improve the lifetime value of your current patients as well as bring in new ones. If you’re looking to get started with laser therapy at your practice, click the link below to learn more about Aspen Laser’s class IV therapy systems.

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